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2017 Wisconsin Budget Address

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Wisconsin is Working

The Wisconsin Budget Address is a biennial proposal presented by the Governor to a joint session of the Wisconsin State Legislature regarding the 2017-2019 Budget of the State of Wisconsin. The title of year's address was "Wisconsin is Working."

Governor Walker's proposed budget uses Wisconsin's 'Reform Dividend' savings to provide a total of $592.7 MILLION in tax relief to WI taxpayers, encourage student success, reduce college costs, care for the needy, maintain roads and bridges, and reward work. To read the full proposal, click here.

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Learn More About Wisconsin's Biennial Budget

Development of the biennial budget is nearly a year-long process. In the fall of even numbered years, state agencies submit budget requests to the Department of Administration (DOA). These requests are compiled by the State Budget Office and reviewed by the Governor for possible inclusion in the recommended biennial budget proposal.

Governor Walker is now finalizing his budget proposal, in collaboration with Cabinet Secretaries and policy advisors. He will submit his recommended budget to the Legislature on Wednesday, February 8 - the day of his Budget Address.

The Wisconsin Senate and Assembly Joint Committee on Finance (JFC) review each agency's budget request. This process of public hearings continues throughout the spring, when the JFC finalizes their recommended changes to agency budgets for the next biennium. The budget must then be passed by both the Senate and Assembly before being sent to the Governor for signing into law or potential vetoes. The Governor will evaluate this budget proposal and will decide whether to approve, veto or line item veto portions of the bill.

To meet the state's budgetary cycle, the budget should be signed and effective by July 1, 2017. If there is a delay, state agencies operate according to the appropriations included in the prior budget until the new budget is in effect.

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2017 Wisconsin Budget Address

Wednesday, February 8, 2017 at 4 p.m.
Assembly Chambers, Wisconsin State Capitol, Madison

Office of the Governor
Scott Walker