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Madison – Today Governor Scott Walker’s office released the following fact sheet comparing actions taken by the Illinois legislature over the last 24 hours and the last week in Wisconsin.  Governor Walker will be hosting a brief media availability at 2 p.m. today in the Governor’s Conference room to discuss the Illinois tax increase.

“Businesses make plans based not just on what’s happening today, but on what they see happening in the future,” said Walker.  “The contrast between Wisconsin’s trend line and Illinois’ could not be greater.  We’re not only lowering taxes, we’re reforming the regulatory and litigation climate; Illinois is heading in the opposite direction.”


  • Illinois raised personal income tax-rate by 67% in an attempt to balance their budget deficit
  • Wisconsin will balance its budget without raising taxes
  • Illinois increased its business income tax rate by 46 percent
  • On his first day in office, Governor Walker called a Wisconsin is Open for Business special session that proposed cutting taxes on both small businesses already in Wisconsin and those looking to relocate into the state
  • The Illinois budget bill contains increased spending, up to ten percent higher than the 2010 budget
  • Governor Walker has pledged to balance Wisconsin’s $3 billion budget deficit by reducing spending, and creating an environment that spurs economic growth
  • Illinois authorized $4 billion in borrowing to make its annual payment for public employee pensions
  • Governor Walker supports reforming Wisconsin’s legacy costs to bring public sector benefits in line with the private sector—he has discussed the savings associated with a 5% pension contribution and 12% health care contribution