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Madison – Today Governor Walker’s office highlighted a recent report put out by Moody’s, one of the national bond rating agencies, which showed that adoption of the budget bills would have a positive effect on Wisconsin’s credit rating. 

Specifically Moody’s stated, “If enacted the budget will be credit positive for Wisconsin by bringing the state’s finances closer to a structural budgetary balance… Enactment before the end of the current fiscal year would be credit positive.”

In response to this information Governor Walker released the following statement:

Our budget plan helps get Wisconsin back on sound financial footing.  Showing investors, bond rating agencies and others that we are serious about balancing the state budget will go a long way to help lay the foundation for ensuring Wisconsin has a business climate that allows the private sector to create 250,000 new jobs by the end of my first term.

Acting on legislation that will have a positive credit effect, which the budget bills will do when they are passed, ultimately benefits our children and grandchildren by leaving them with a better economic outlook. 

This is another reason why the budget repair bill needs to be passed.  Unfortunately, Senator Miller seems to care more about the union bosses than he does about the next generation. 

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