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Madison – Governor Scott Walker released his Weekly Radio Address today titled “Looking Forward to the New Year and Bright Future for Wisconsin.”

Hi, Scott Walker here.

With 2017 just days away, this is an exciting time filled with opportunity as we look forward towards the New Year.

Today, Wisconsin’s economy is in the best shape it’s been in 15 years, and more people are employed than ever before in our state’s history. In fact, our unemployment rate is 4.1 percent, and that’s half of what it was when we first took office.

The Wisconsin Comeback is real. By making government services more effective and more efficient, living within our means, and being good stewards of taxpayers’ dollars, we turned deficits into surpluses and surpluses into tax relief for Wisconsin families. In total, we’ve provided more than $4.7 billion in total tax cuts for the hardworking taxpayers since 2011.

Reforms here in Wisconsin have made our rainy day fund 165 times larger than it was when we first took office, and our state ranks fourth best in the country when it comes to lowest long-term obligations.

Our focus this upcoming year will be to provide more funding for K-12 public education, developing Wisconsin’s workforce, expanding our broadband infrastructure into rural areas, and moving people from government dependence to true independence through the dignity that comes from work.

The future of our state is bright, and we look forward to continuing to move Wisconsin forward. As 2017 approaches, Tonette, Matt, Alex, and I wish you and your family a blessed, happy, and healthy New Year.

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