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Madison – Governor Scott Walker released his Weekly Radio Address today titled “Investing in Broadband.”

Hi, Scott Walker here.

As we’ve traveled the state conducting more than 70 listening sessions, something we hear people bring up all the time is access to broadband internet. We know greater access to broadband allows the communities of our state, especially in rural areas, to compete for jobs, improve education, and increase quality of life.

In addition to the good work we’ve done so far, today we called on members of the State Legislature to act immediately in this next session by passing a bill providing an additional $35.5 million for broadband expansion and technology improvements over the next three years.

The money will go to expand broadband in areas of the state that need it the most. The bill would also provide an additional $22.5 million for grants allowing school districts, technical colleges, libraries, and other learning institutions to improve their technology and in turn, improve education for our students.

This legislation will build upon our past efforts to bolster broadband service, including our Broadband Grant Program, which provides reimbursement for equipment and construction expenses as communities work to expand or improve their broadband services.

As we continue to compete in a global economy, it is necessary for our small businesses, schools, and households to have access to reliable internet service. Looking at videos on YouTube or watching your favorite show on Netflix through a reliable internet connection is something many of us in Wisconsin take for granted, but for many others, modern services are still out of reach.

This plan triples the state’s investment as we work towards building an infrastructure where every community is able to connect to fast and reliable internet service. I call on my colleagues in the State Legislature to act swiftly and join me in making this responsible and much-needed investment in our state.

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