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Madison — On Friday December 10th the State of Wisconsin Office of State Employment Relations (OSER) posted state employee contracts online. Most state employees had ten days to review and vote on the contracts negotiated between union leadership and Governor Jim Doyle’s administration.

"Taxpayers who will pay the bill for these contracts deserve at least the same amount of time to review the contracts as the union leaders who negotiated them,” said Cullen Werwie, Governor-elect Walker’s spokesman. “Wisconsinites should have at least until December 20th to review these contracts and debate the impact they will have on our current $150 million fiscal year budget shortfall and looming $3.3 billion structural deficit."

Legislative leadership has indicated that the labor contracts could be taken up as early as Wednesday.

"The contracts posted on Friday were 1,900 pages long,” said Werwie. “Legislators should at least be afforded enough time to read the documents they are required to vote on."