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Madison – Senate Democrats are jeopardizing the long term fiscal sustainability of Wisconsin’s Medicaid program by continuing their vacation in Illinois.

Without Governor Walker’s budget repair bill, Medicaid programs will run out of funding in mid-May.  Wisconsin will be forced to issue IOU’s for Medicaid expenses, which will start to accrue interest after 30 days.  With this program already facing a $1.8 billion deficit in 11-13, adding more debt could have dire consequences in the near future.

Along with this information Governor Walker’s spokesman, Cullen Werwie, released the following statement:

Governor Walker proposed a bill to fix the Medicaid appropriation shortfall.  Senate Democrats’ refusal to even show up for a vote on a bill that would fix this shortfall is unprecedented.

Their refusal to participate in the democratic process, by casting their vote, could directly hurt those who receive Medicaid related services.