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MADISON – Governor Scott Walker released a statement yesterday after the Wisconsin Department of Administration (DOA) issued the Annual Fiscal Report showing Wisconsin ended Fiscal Year 2017 with a $579 million surplus, the second largest closing balance since 2000.

“Our pro-growth, pro-taxpayer reforms are working, and this is evidenced by the fact we have ended every year with a surplus since taking office. We will continue to be good stewards of the hard-working taxpayers’ money and continue to provide an accountable government. We are working and winning for Wisconsin.” – Governor Scott Walker

The undesignated balance was $126 million more than the 2017-2019 Executive Budget Fiscal Year 2017 estimate closing balance and $111.9 million more than the Fiscal Year 2017 closing balance estimated in 2017 Wisconsin Act 59.

“General-purpose revenue taxes were $15.518 billion compared to $15.098 billion in the prior year, an increase of $420 million or 2.8 percent. General-purpose revenue expenditures, excluding fund transfers, were $15.858 billion. This is $41 million less than the budgeted expenditure allocation of $15.899 billion.” – Secretary of Administration Scott Neitzel and State Controller Jeffery Anderson, CPA (Annual Fiscal Report)

Yesterday’s statement can be found here.

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