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Madison — Yesterday Governor Walker signed additional pieces of legislation passed by the legislature during its regular legislative session.  The regular session ran concurrently with the special session called by Governor Walker.  The Governor signed Senate Bill (SB) 212 relating to the regulation of nursing homes, Assembly Bill (AB) 275 relating to the Board of Commissioner of Public Lands, AB 212 relating to throwing a substance at a public worker, AB 265 relating to bike reforms, SB 109 relating to an injury when resisting or obstructing arrest, and SB 116 relating to dates of the September primary.

SB 212 streamlines the process of issuing violations of a state or federal citation for nursing homes, which will help the Department of Health Services fairly and quickly deal with violations of both federal and state law. 

“This legislation not only helps the Department of Health Services, but also creates certainty for nursing homes, so they know exactly how violations of the law will be handled,” said Governor Walker.  “I would like to thank State Senator Pam Galloway and Representative Dan Knodl for authoring this legislation and helping deliver it to my desk.”

AB 275 allows the Board of Commissioner of Public Lands to invest in notes or other instruments of indebtedness from a state, town village, city, county or school district. 

“This bill gives the Board of Commissioner of Public Lands another tool to invest money, help improve our communities, and ultimately carry out the mission of the board,” said Governor Walker.  “I would like to thank State Senator Dale Schultz, State Representative Ed Brooks and Executive Secretary of the board, Tia Nelson for supporting this Legislation.”

AB 212 makes it clear that anyone who chooses to throw or expel a bodily substance at an emergency medical technician, a first responder, a law enforcement officer, a firefighter, or a person operating or staffing an ambulance can be charged with a Class I felony.

“We have fantastic public safety employees all across Wisconsin that work to protect, serve, and assist residents in their communities,” said Governor Walker.  “This bill ensures that any individual who makes outrageous acts against one of these public safety employees can be prosecuted.  State Senator Alberta Darling and Representative Mark Honadel authored this bill and did a great job moving it through the Legislature.”

AB 265 allows municipalities to determine if they will allow moped parking in the same places as bicycles and a number of other modifications related to signaling on bicycles, lighting on bicycles, passing while on a bicycle, and allows studded tires on bicycles.

“This legislation improves safety for bicyclists and motorists,” said Governor Walker. “I would like to thank State Senator Jim Holperin and Representative Keith Ripp for providing leadership on this piece of legislation.

SB 109 adds in the classification of a soft tissue injury to the definition of “substantial bodily harm” for items that can be prosecuted as a felony when an individual resists or obstructs a law enforcement officer.

“Protecting law enforcement officers from bodily harm is extremely important,” said Governor Walker.  “I would like to thank State Senator Joe Leibham and Representative Mike Endsley for proposing this legislation.”

SB 116 renames the current September primary as the Partisan Primary and changes the date from the second Tuesday in September to the second Tuesday in August. 

“This bill brings Wisconsin in compliance with the federal MOVE act, which will ensure that we are able to count all absentee military ballots,” said Governor Walker.  “I would like to thank State Senator Mary Lazich and Representative Gary Tauchen for providing leadership on this important issue.”