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Madison — Governor Walker today released the 2011-2013 Capital Budget.  The Capital Budget funds the construction and maintenance of state buildings; helping to create and sustain jobs.  The total funding for the Capital Budget is $1.1 billion.

“Our Capital Budget aggressively uses the funds available to us to maintain state buildings, plan for growth, and most importantly create jobs,” said Governor Scott Walker.

The Governor’s Capital Budget will have a significant positive economic impact for the state.  It is estimated that each $100 million of construction spending adds $340 million to the economy and creates or sustains 2,850 jobs.  Fifty percent of construction budgets are labor costs and $110 million of the economic activity is in personal earnings.  In total, the 2011-2013 recommendations would generate $3.7 billion in economic activity and create or sustain approximately 31,000 jobs.

Highlights of the Capital Budget include:

  • $50 million for University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  • $44 million for an education building at University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
  • $38.5 million for University of Wisconsin-Madison West Campus Expansion
  • $67 million for University of Wisconsin-Madison Institute for Medical Research
  • $8 million to support the expansion of the Marquette Dental School
  • $17 million to renovate Carlson Hall at University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
  • $27.4 million to improve existing DHC and DOC facilities


The complete list of recommendations is available at