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Common Sense Legislation was Championed by Senator Leibham and Representative Stone

May 25, 2011

For Immediate Release

Madison – Governor Scott Walker signed AB 7 into law, today which requires a photo ID to vote. 

“Today I was thrilled to sign legislation into law that I worked on 10 years ago, which will go a long way to protecting the integrity of elections in Wisconsin,” said Governor Walker.  “According to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation in our state there are just under 4.5 million drivers licenses and state issued ID cards, and according to the Government Accountability Board there are just under 3.5 million registered voters. Senator Leibham and Representative Stone have provided leadership on this issue for years, and because of their efforts I was able to sign this common sense reform.” 

“It is hard to believe it took this long for such a common sense bill to become law. I would like to thank the Governor for signing the bill and in particular would like to thank Senator Leibham for all the time and effort he and his staff have put into making the photo ID law a reality,” commented Representative Stone. “In all my time as a legislator, there really has been no other item that so many people wanted to see passed into law. Today marks a milestone in our effort to protect the integrity of our election process. We now will have the confidence that everyone that wants to cast a vote can and that no one’s vote will be taken from them.”

“The goal of the legislation is to add an additional and reasonable safeguard to our election process while ensuring that no legal and responsible voter will be denied the right to cast a ballot and have it counted,” Senator Leibham said.  “The vast majority of the residents of the State of Wisconsin support this common sense reform and I appreciate the work of Representative Stone, Senator Mary Lazich, Representative Gary Tauchen and Governor Walker to move this initiative forward on behalf of our citizens.”