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Madison – Today Governor Scott Walker released the details of his wager with Governor Pat Quinn of Illinois on the outcome of the Green Bay Packers vs. Chicago Bears football game.  The loser of the bet will volunteer in a food pantry in the winner’s state wearing a t-shirt of the opposing team.  In other words, when the Packers win, Governor Quinn will volunteer at a Wisconsin food pantry wearing a Packers t-shirt.  In addition, the loser must also fly the opposing team’s flag in his governor’s office for a day before the Super Bowl.

“I received a lot of great ideas on Twitter including having the Packer flag fly in Illinois,” said Governor Walker. “I also received many tweets offering some of Wisconsin’s most famous foods as a wager.  I’m grateful that win or lose, those food producers have committed to donating food to the pantry at which the losing Governor volunteers.  I look forward to hosting Governor Quinn in Wisconsin after a 28-24 Packer victory.”

The following organizations and companies tweeted @GovWalker or contacted the Governor’s office directly and agreed to donate food items to the food pantry:

Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers Association – a case of juice, a case of cranberry sauce and a case of sweetened dried cranberries to be delivered to the food bank where Governor Quinn ends up working.

  • Door County Visitors Bureau – Ten Door County Cherry Pies made from the deliciously famous cherries that are grown on the scenic Door County Peninsula.
  • Trig’s – 50 pounds of Trig's World's Best Bratwurst.  These award winning brats are produced fresh by a hometown, local grocery store.  Trig’s has store locations in Stevens Point, Wausau, Minocqua, Rhinelander and Eagle River—the brats are produced in Trig’s Smokehouse which is located in the Rhinelander store.
  • Kopp’s Frozen Custard – The Milwaukee company has agreed to donate a 10-pack of their famous custard.  The company recently featured a “Green and Gold” flavored frozen custard in honor of the Packers.
  • Wisconsin Natural Acres – This Chilton based company, which makes 100% artisan, gourmet honey has agreed to donate two large gift boxes and case of honey.  The primary source of nectar for the bees are alfalfa, clover, and basswood trees, which help produce some of the lightest and sweetest honey in the world.  The honey was selected as Destination Kohler Chefs Gourmet Honey of Choice.

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