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Watch the Budget Address live today at 4:00 p.m.

Madison – Governor Scott Walker will deliver his 2017 Budget Address today at 4:00 p.m. Below are a few anticipated excerpts from the address:

This budget includes historic investments in our priorities. We're putting more money into public education than ever before, making college even more affordable, caring for the truly needy, building a stronger infrastructure, rewarding work, and cutting taxes to the lowest point in decades.

Common-sense reforms led to a strong economy and wise fiscal management led us to a positive budget outlook.

Overall, our common-sense reforms brought us here – to the point where we have a significantly better budget outlook for the state. We call this the Reform Dividend.

With this budget, we are adding another $20 million to the rainy day fund, making it 178 times larger than when we took office. Our outstanding long-term debt is some of the lowest in the country. Our state has one of the only fully funded pension systems in the nation. And our budgets continue to end with surpluses.

We are Working and Winning for Wisconsin.


Student Success

To help improve student success, we are investing more money into education than ever before in the history of Wisconsin.

In this budget, we used the reform dividend to invest more into public schools. We put more into rural schools with unique needs. We do more to improve schools in Milwaukee. We do more to expand programs that help students get early college credits. We do more to expand career and technical education. We do more to help recruit and retain excellent teachers.

I want every student to succeed. And I trust parents to make the right decision for their children.

Our budget also includes the largest investment in history for need-based financial assistance for students at colleges and universities all across the state.


Accountable Government

We will continue to lower property taxes. As promised, property taxes on a median-valued home will be lower in 2018 than they were in 2010.

Accountable government also means investing resources where they are needed. That's why we are expanding broadband internet services to every part of the state.

A solid transportation system is also part of being accountable to the taxpayers. Our budget includes more funding for local governments to fix roads and bridges and potholes than they’ve seen in more than a decade and a half. It also includes the largest amount ever for rehabilitation of state highways.


Rewarding Work

We want everyone who wants a job, to find a job – and a career. For all who are able, we will enable them to work.

Wisconsin Works for Everyone builds off of the positive welfare reform started by former Governor Tommy Thompson under Wisconsin Works or commonly called W-2. We want to ensure that people who are able to work actually enter the workforce.

Wisconsin Works for Everyone will help all those who are able to enter the workforce and pursue a career that is right for them. It's just one more way we are Working and Winning for Wisconsin.

People want to work. It goes against our human nature to think that we should permanently be dependent on the government.