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Madison – Governor Scott Walker applauded the Legislature today for taking bipartisan action on several pieces of pro-jobs special session legislation.

“Today, the Legislature took bipartisan action on bills aimed at creating a positive environment for jobs and I applaud the members and their work,” Governor Walker said.  “I look forward to more bipartisan focus on jobs in the days ahead.”

Below are pro-jobs bills that moved through the Senate and Assembly today:

  • Senate Bill 40 (32 – 1) ­– Refers to an increase in grant monies for technical colleges who offer training in advanced manufacturing skills.  The total amount awarded would increase from $2,000,000 annually to $2,400,000 annually.  The bill was sponsored by a Democrat and a Republican.

“Allocating additional state funds to promote a stronger, more skilled workforce is essential for Wisconsin to remain ahead of the curve in our global economy,” Governor Walker said.  “After listening to job creators cite the need for more workers with advanced skills at forums across Wisconsin, this bill is aimed at training more workers to meet the demands of the 21st Century.”

  • Senate Bill 222 (33 – 0) – Allows the Wisconsin Department of Transportation to issue overweight permits for transport of sealed containers.
  • Senate Bill 223 (33 – 0) – Allows the Wisconsin Department of Transportation to issue overweight permits for transport of agricultural products to or from a field or farm or an initial processing facility.
  • Assembly Bill 252 (Voice) – Allows for the transportation of agricultural crops exceeding weight limits (by not more than 15 percent) without permits from September 1 through December 31.  This bill extends the current end date from November 30 to December 31.
  • Assembly Bill 253 (Voice) – Allows for the operation of a single vehicle with an overall length not exceeding 60 feet, and a two-vehicle combination with an overall length not exceeding 120 feet without permit on a highway if the vehicle is used by a pipeline company or operator, public service corporation, municipal utility, or public utility cooperative (collectively a “utility”), or by a motor carrier operating under contract with a utility, for transportation of poles, pipe, girders, and similar materials.  This bill extends the length from 40 feet for a single vehicle and 65 feet for a two-vehicle combination.
  • Assembly Bill 254 (Voice) – Allows for the increase of the maximum overall length of a single vehicle that may be operated on a highway without an over length permit from 40 feet to 45 feet.
  • Senate Bill 203 (93 – 3) Passed by Assembly – Adopts a provision in the state tax code that would allow a tax exemption for payments made from an employer to an employee to reimburse the employee for costs he or she has paid for medical care for the employee’s adult child.  The bill would apply for taxable years beginning on January 1, 2011.  This bill is now ready for the Governor’s signature.