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Madison – Governor Walker announced today that he has selected Jon M. Theisen to serve as the next judge for Circuit Court Branch 4 in Eau Claire County. 

“The judiciary must be comprised of men and women who faithfully guard the state and federal constitutions, and who humbly say what the law is and subordinate their personal views to the law,” Governor Walker said.

Mr. Theisen received a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from the University of Notre Dame in 1990.  Mr. Theisen volunteered in an inner-city Chicago school after finishing his Bachelor of Arts degree.  There he was active in the community, speaking out against the infestation of gangs and drugs.  Mr. Theisen then went on to receive a Master of Library Science from the University of Pittsburgh and his Juris Doctor from the University of Northern Illinois Law School.       

Mr. Theisen’s legal career began in 1999 at the firm Herrick and Hart in Eau Claire.  He eventually earned a partnership at Herrick and Hart in 2004.  Before joining as a partner, Mr. Theisen was elected District Attorney of Chippewa County.  He has been reelected to that post twice.  As District Attorney, he has substantial trial experience, including three convictions in first degree homicide trials in 2011.  He also solved a double homicide cold case in 2006 and was nominated as Prosecutor of the Year in 2007.