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Madison – The State of Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services, formerly the Department of Regulation and Licensing, has announced that it has begun to implement new cost-saving initiatives, saving the state an estimated $140,000 by the end of December 2011.

Department Secretary Dave Ross has issued a memo outlining various changes to meeting regulations, eliminating $25,709.40 in unnecessary spending. The Microsoft “Live Meeting” program has allowed for the department to hold occasional virtual meetings in place of in-person sessions. The department has also streamlined its scheduling process by cancelling any unnecessary meetings as they approach. The Division of Board Services is responsible for ensuring that all scheduled meetings are effective and justified by significant business.

In addition to these meeting adjustments, the Department of Safety and Professional services has cut costs by cancelling memberships to professional organizations and subscriptions to library materials, making staffing changes, and freezing annual out-of-state travel. According to the memo, all of these changes have already saved the State of Wisconsin over $78,000 and by year’s end will account for a projected savings of $141,146.95.

Upon receiving the memo, Governor Walker offered the following comment: 

“I applaud the Department of Safety and Professional services for their efforts to eliminate waste, fraud and abuse in our state. These cost-cutting measures are an outstanding example of frugality in government which will put the State of Wisconsin on track for long-term fiscal success.”