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This week, the Governor thanked the Wisconsin assembly for passing the $100 child sales tax rebate and a sales tax holiday in August 2018; visited hospitals to discuss his Heath Care Stability plan; discussed the Wisconsin Works for Everyone welfare reforms; participated in “Take Your Governor to Work Day” during a visit to McDonalds in New London; and met with world leaders during the National Governors Association.

1. Assembly Passes Child Sales Tax Rebate and Sales Tax Holiday

This week, the Assembly passed legislation to provide Wisconsin families with $100 for every child living at home under 18, and all Wisconsinites with a sales tax holiday planned for the first weekend in August. The child sales tax rebate and sales tax holiday will be offset by the state’s larger than expected 2017 budget surplus.

Upon hearing the news, Governor Walker released the following statement:

“Our reforms and our growing economy have led to a stronger than expected budget surplus, and we want to return it to the people who made it possible: the hardworking taxpayers of Wisconsin. Thanks to the Assembly for approving this tax relief, which is an important part of our Ambitious Agenda.” 

2. Governor Walker Works to Create Stability in Health Care

During visits to HSHS Sacred Heart Hospital in Eau Claire and Aspirus Hospital in Wausau, the Governor discussed his Heath Care Stability Plan. This plan lowers premiums for those on the individual market, ensures coverage for those with preexisting conditions, and makes SeniorCare a permanent state program.

The Governor is calling on the State Senate to pass pre-existing condition protection legislation, which passed the Wisconsin State Assembly in June 2017. Together, these reforms work to ensure that all Wisconsinites receive quality healthcare, regardless of what happens in Washington D.C.

3. Efforts to Expand the Wisconsin Works for Everyone Welfare Reform Plan

Governor Walker recently discussed the expansion of his Wisconsin Works for Everyone welfare reforms on Fox News. These reforms remove barriers to work, invest in job and skills training for the unemployed, and incentivize work, all with the goal of making it easier for individuals to find a job.

4. Governor Walker Visits with World Leaders

At the National Governors Association, Governor Walker met with world leaders such as the President of Ghana, Nana Akufo-Addo, and senior advisor to the Japanese Prime Minister, Hon. Kentaro Sonora.

5. Take Your Governor to Work Day

On Tuesday, Governor Walker joined David Pinno at McDonald’s in New London to take part in “Take Your Governor to Work Day.” This is a part of the Board for People with Developmental Disability’s annual “Take Your Legislator to Work” Campaign, which encourages businesses employing people with disabilities to welcome a legislator to visit local businesses.

The Governor noted:

“It was an honor to join David today to see how his job has helped him find professional fulfillment and a sense of independence. Our forward-thinking reforms and training programs continue to help hardworking people like David improve their lives by removing barriers and helping them find rewarding work. We are committed to connecting disabled Wisconsin youth and adults with gainful employment and creating a more inclusive and accepting work environment across Wisconsin.”