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With Washington D.C. failing to fix our nation’s health care system, Wisconsin will lead. Governor Walker’s Health Care Stability Plan is a market-driven solution that will lower premiums for those in Obamacare’s individual marketplace and provide certainty to seniors and those with preexisting conditions.

Governor Walker proposed the following Health Care Stability Plan during his 2018 State of the State Address.

Part One: 
Pass Legislation to Cover Those with Preexisting Conditions

We want to guarantee coverage for individuals with preexisting conditions. That way someone who has cancer or another serious disease or ailment will not have to worry about obtaining or keeping coverage. We are providing stability and peace of mind in Wisconsin, regardless of what happens in Washington.

Part Two: 
Obtain a Permanent Waiver to Support SeniorCare

SeniorCare is a state program that helps certain residents 65 years of age or older with their prescription drug costs. We are officially seeking a permanent waiver for the State of Wisconsin to provide SeniorCare. Since it was first approved in 2002, the state has asked for an extension of SeniorCare four times. It is time to make this a permanent and stable program for those who need it.

Part Three: 
Lower Premium Increases for People in the Individual Market

We propose a market-driven approach to bring stability to those who seek coverage through the individual market. This plan would lower premiums by double-digits for people who are seeing massive increases under Obamacare.