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Wisconsin is moving forward! This week, Governor Walker’s Health Care Stability Plan received bipartisan support form the Joint Finance Committee; our child sales tax and sales tax holiday package continue to receive attention; 18 Financial Literacy Award recipients are honored; and more jobs are coming to Wisconsin!

Additionally, Governor Walker order flags half-staff for the victims of Florida’s tragedy.

1. Receiving Bipartisan Approval of Governor Walker’s Health Care Stability Plan

The Joint Finance Committee approved Governor Walker’s Health Care Stability Plan with bipartisan support.

“Since Washington has failed to act, Wisconsin will lead. Our plan will provide stability to people in Obamacare’s individual market who are facing shock premium increases by lowering premiums by 13% in 2019 and 12% in 2020. This will help people like Kristine from Brown County who saw her premiums go up by almost $2,000 a month - a 120 percent increase! These costs are unsustainable and unacceptable. I thank members of the committee for their bipartisan support and for moving our Health Care Stability Plan forward.” – Governor Walker

2. Highlighting Wisconsin’s Child Sales Tax Rebate and Sales Tax Holiday Package

Governor Walker traveled the state this week to highlight his plan for a child sales tax rebate and sales tax holiday package. Under the proposed legislation, Wisconsin families would receive $100 for every child living at home under 18 through a check in the mail this year, and all Wisconsinites would benefit from a sales tax holiday planned for the first weekend in August.

3. Flying Flags Half-Staff for Victims of Florida Tragedy

To mourn this tragedy, flags in Wisconsin were lowered to half-staff from February 15-19, 2018.

Governor Walker, released the following statement:

My family and I are praying for those in Florida who have been affected by this senseless tragedy especially the faculty, students and their families, and the first responders… Here in Wisconsin we will continue to work with legislators and law enforcement on how to best keep our communities safe. We have already put new funding in the state budget for mental health services in our schools after hearing about concerns from superintendents, principals and teachers at listening sessions across the state. We are also always willing to work with other Governors and the Administration on other ways we can make our state and our country safer.

4. Honoring Financial Literacy Award Recipients

Governor Walker and the Department of Financial Institutions honored 18 individuals, businesses, and organizations as recipients of the 2017 Governor’s Financial Literacy Award in a ceremony at the State Capitol.

In a statement, Governor Walker noted:

“Financial literacy is an important skill for everyone to learn. The individuals and businesses receiving the 2017 Financial Literacy Award are remarkable people who strive to improve the lives of others by sharing their personal financial knowledge and skills. Thank you to these Wisconsinites for their work in our communities. Their efforts are providing other families with the tools to achieve their goals.”

5. Exciting Jobs News

Governor Walker joined officials from Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation this week as the company announced plans to create approximately 200 new manufacturing and support jobs and invest $40 million in its Appleton facility. Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation designs, manufactures, and services business jet aircraft.

Additionally, Governor Walker announced that International Mold and Production (IMAP), a leading supplier of custom plastic injection molds and parts, is relocating its operations from Illinois to Kenosha. Part of the reason the business is relocating to southeastern Wisconsin is to take advantage of the opportunities that will be presented by the Foxconn Technology Group, which will build a $10 billion advanced manufacturing campus in nearby Racine County.

The state and Governor Walker continue to fight to keep Kimberly-Clark jobs in the Fox Valley. State officials have reached out to company officials to better understand the economics of each of the two plants targeted for closure and to discuss providing incentives to ensure their continued operations.