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This week, Governor Walker highlighted his commitment to expanding education opportunities in Wisconsin as he announced the availability of $15 million for Technology for Education Achievement (TEACH) grants. 

Additionally, he emphasized the benefits of recent welfare reform initiates and lower taxes for Wisconsin families.

Finally, he announced the state’s partnership with four minority chambers, signaling the states support for minority run businesses.

1. Supporting Education in Wisconsin

Governor Scott Walker announced the availability of $15 million for Technology for Educational Achievement (TEACH) Information Technology Infrastructure grants. These grants assist districts in acquiring the equipment and services necessary to build a modern infrastructure system. The Department of Administration (DOA) is now accepting applications from eligible school districts. 

Governor Walker noted:

“Our 2017-19 state budget provided historic levels of K-12 education aid, including an increase in TEACH grant funding,” Governor Walker said. “Increasing aid to rural schools for technology is one way we can ensure that students have the tools they need to excel. These grants provide rural school districts with resources to increase and upgrade technology in the classroom.”

2. Welfare Reform 

Governor Walker highlighted the welfare reform initiatives, which are focused on making it easier to get a job. These reforms remove barriers and provide training to allow individuals to get back into the workforce. 

3. Lowering Taxes for Wisconsin Families

During the decade before Governor Walker took office, property taxes on a typical home increased 27%. Now, thanks to the enacted budget, property taxes on the typical home will be lower in 2018 than in 2010. This makes it easier for a young couple to purchase their first home and makes it more affordable for seniors to keep their homes.

4. Supporting Minority Run Businesses

In a speech at the Governor’s Conference on Minority Business Development Awards luncheon, Governor Walker announced a state partnership with four minority chambers, including the African American Chamber of Commerce of Wisconsin, the American Indian Chamber of Commerce of Wisconsin, the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Wisconsin and the Hmong Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce.

This partnership is backed by the Wisconsin Economic Development Corp (WEDC), which will award $1.47 million to the four chambers. This will be used for minority centered initializes, such as financial awareness program, networking opportunity, and one-on-one mentoring.