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MADISON – A recent article in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel discusses the positive impact Governor Walker’s proposed Child Tax Credit Refund will have on Wisconsin families.

Scott Walker’s Child Tax Credit is Good Politics for Wisconsin GOP, Also Good Policy
By Christian Schneider – Editorial Columnist, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

On Wednesday of this week, Gov. Scott Walker announced a new plan to give some of the state's nearly half-billion dollar surplus back to taxpayers in the form of a $100-per-child tax credit for families with children under 18 years old. Total credits would add up to about $122 million and would be sent to an estimated 671,000 households in Wisconsin next summer.

For one, the surplus money isn't the state government's – it belongs to the people of Wisconsin, who were overtaxed last year. Sending families checks isn't "spending," it's simply the state giving taxpayers their change back.

That being said, a child tax credit is a popular and economically beneficial way to reimburse the people that paid it in. At the federal level, the child tax credit — although much greater in amount — helps offset the cost of raising children, lifting more than three million Americans out of poverty each year.

And given that Walker has already enacted roughly $8 billion in tax cuts, it's not as if everyone in the state hasn't already benefited from other reductions — they just won't be able to see it with a physical check in their hand.