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Foxconn officially purchased a building in downtown Milwaukee, signaling its commitment to investing in the state of Wisconsin. In addition to commemorating this significant step for Foxconn and the economy of Wisconsin, Governor Walker met with law enforcement to discuss the opioid epidemic and recognized the historical accomplishments of the UW-Whitewater Men’s Rugby Team.

1. Foxconn Plans to Purchase A Building in Milwaukee

Following Foxconn’s agreement with the State of Wisconsin, Governor Walker joined Foxconn Technology Group and Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance in announcing Foxconn’s intent to purchase a seven-story building in downtown Milwaukee – to be known as “Foxconn Place” – for use as it’s Wisconsin headquarters.

Governor Walker noted:

“Beyond the $10 billion investment that will require up to 10,000 workers to build, creating this new headquarters in downtown Milwaukee is part of the Foxconn Bonus building across the state. This is more great news for Wisconsin.”

2. Attracting Global Interest in Wisconsin Exports

Wisconsin businesses exported $22.3 billion in goods and services to 202 countries in 2017, a 6.1 percent increase over 2016.

Regarding the news, Governor Walker said:

“Not only is Wisconsin becoming more attractive to global companies seeking to expand or establish operations in the U.S., but existing state businesses are experiencing more success in selling their products overseas. The boost in exports is yet another example of the economic success we experienced in 2017 and is a trend we expect to continue as more companies are accessing new markets and new customers through exporting.”

3. Battling Wisconsin’s Opioid Epidemic

In January, the Governor issued two executive orders which instructed numerous state agencies to adopt the Task Force on Opioid Abuse recommendations. These recommendations aim to improve awareness and prevention. Additionally, he created the Governor’s Commission on Substance Abuse Treatment Delivery.

To further the battle against the Oppida Epidemic and encourage a partnership with law enforcement, Governor Walker met with Sheriffs and Sheriff’s Deputies from around that state. Through working with community leaders and passing legislation, Wisconsin can combat the crisis.

4. Recognizing UW-Whitewater Men’s Rugby Team

Governor Walker met with the UW-Whitewater Men’s Rugby Team to congratulate them on their national championships. After winning two national championships this year, the team became the only college rugby team to win two championships in one year. In response, governor Walker proclaimed February 7th as UW-Whiteware Men’s Rugby Team Day.

5. Heath Care Stability Plan

At a meeting with the Wisconsin Hospital Association Board of Directors, Governor Walker discussed the Heath Care Stability Plan. This is an integral part of the Governor's agenda for 2018 which includes lowering premiums for those in Obamacare’s individual market, enacting legislation that prohibits insurance companies from denying coverage to induvial with preexisting conditions and requesting a permeant waiver for the state’s Senior Care program.