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The Governor's Commission on Government Reform, Efficiency, and Performance

Government is slow to change and slow to adapt to the dynamic and ever-changing world around it. Periodically, government should take a step back and examine whether the programs and services it provides are meeting the needs of its citizens. Tough questions should be asked. Should this program continue? Should this program be reformed to improve results? Is this a service the government should be providing? How do we reorganize government to better meet the demands and needs of today's society?

In addition, state and local governments should be engaged in a continuous improvement process in order to deliver services more efficiently, to be more accountable, and operate at lower cost to taxpayers. State taxpayer resources are precious. Prudent management and common sense reforms will result in these precious resources being spent wisely.

This Commission will explore ways to reduce government spending, reduce service duplication, eliminate waste, fraud, and abuse in government, and review better ways to operate government that increases its efficiency and reduces its cost to taxpayers. There is also a link for state residents to suggest topics to the commission below.

Executive Order 179 PDF